A Voice Talent You Can Rely On

Dan comes from a big family.  He and his 4 brothers (and later, 2 foster brothers) were raised by his saint of a single mother.  He is still close to his family.  And he is also a big animal lover, with a dog and 3 cats that he rescued.

Dan has always loved acting and the theater.  Although his elementary teachers could have done with less comedic performances during class.  He was in many shows in middle school, high school, and college.

Dan originally went to school for Education.  He was a Pre-School teacher for many years.  He then turned to the IT field.  While working as a Help Desk technician at a small private college, he Bachelor of Science degree (magna cum laude no less) in Computer Information Systems Management.  He also holds a MBA degree in General Business.  He then moved to the corporate world, working in the IT field again at a Johnson and Johnson owed pharmaceutical company where he works currently.

Dan has been a member of a men’s a Capella chorus for several years and has competed both with the chorus and with a semi-professional quartet.  He also has written, produced, and starred in several original musical comedies.

Dan is also an ordained minister.  Though he is non-denominational and non-secular, he has performed services for friends and family members.

Dan can set the mood his clients are looking for.  His voice has been described as:  friendly, natural, conversational, genuine, believable, warm, enthusiastic, mature, professional, and educated.  He can offer a compelling voice for any type of project.

His experience allows Dan to ensure the proper message and tone is conveyed and delivered in his reads.  He is caring and compassionate and can also be guiding voice of information on corporate narrations.  But Dan is not afraid of getting his hands dirty so feel confident he can handle your textured or gruff reads.

He has a natural age range of late 30’s to mid 40’s, but he can do both more youthful and more mature voices as well.  His dynamic male voice brings a robust flair to your project.  He is also capable of character voices and dialects.  Whether you need to draw someone into another world with skillful characterization or deliver information quickly and efficiently, Dan can be that voice for your project.